The Institute for Effective Schools empowers educators and communities to adopt modern school models proven to inspire passionate teaching and learning.

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Effective Schools has a Single Purpose:

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Effective Schools is a local public school support organization. We empower educators and communities to adopt school models proven to inspire passionate teaching and learning.


The Institute for Effective Schools (IES) is a resource center for both traditional public schools and public charter schools.  Our mission is to empower educators and communities to adopt modern school models proven to inspire passionate teaching and learning.


The organization serves as a local intermediary on-the-ground partner. IES, as a local intermediary, researches highly successful programs around the country that align with state standards.  We then work with national partners to customize and replicate these initiatives.  As an on-the-ground partner, we then work directly with local schools and districts to help implement these best practice programs effectively within their structure, customizing initiatives based on the school’s unique circumstances.


IES has also restructured its services into three divisions:


We provide Effective School Models that embody effective ways of teaching and learning and have been replicated successfully in existing public schools across the country.


We offer Effective School Solutions to streamline school board and administrative functions, allowing more dollars to be directed toward the classroom.

We provide Effective School Staffing to ensure that schools have a reliable source of leaders and teachers trained to lead and inspire modern schooling.



Bracy Wilson, a consultant, coach, and leadership mentor has a life mission to help people. He is the founder of Special Needs Services of McKinney, Inc., a non-profit organization benefiting the mentoring of teenage and college students with life skills for the last ten years.


After receiving a Bachelor of Science in Pastoral Ministries, he founded Leadership Master's Commission, an elite "cream of the crop" mentoring program for 20-Somethings with over 60 graduates.


To better impact kids, Bracy founded HelpCharters, LLC to consult and develop schools in Texas and beyond. His 20 years of experience in motivational speaking with over 5,000 presentations in 28 states, 10 countries, communicating to crowds of over 5,000 people has enabled him to leave a significant impact on the lives he's touched.


Bracy and Nadine have two children, Bryce and Brooke and find their home in McKinney, Texas.


HelpCharters, LLC was founded in 2010 by Bracy Wilson. Effective Schools, Inc. 2013(S-Corp) was created as a rebranding of charter school services provided by HelpCharters.




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