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What makes an Effective School?  An Effective School educates the whole child and prepares them for a successful life. Effective Schools have high expectations and no excuses. They recognize that test scores are not enough. They also want students to have the skills needed to be successful in life and to be able to compete for the best careers (e.g. 21st work skills - critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and leadership, etc.)


Effective Schools personalize the school and learning experience for each student based on their needs.  They know each student, their interests, passions, and challenges deeply and meet them where they are to take them to the highest level of achievement.  Strong relationships and culture of trust, respect, and responsibility permeate great schools.  They help to create supportive social network among the students, teachers, staff, and family members. Effective Schools are deeply connected with their community and are equitable by serving all kids. Effective Schools connect and integrate academic content that students learn to authentic real world problems, examples, and issues offering students the opportunity to develop real understanding, solutions and products. Effective Schools teach using the best research proven practices that highlight how people learn most effectively.  They minimize dependence on lecture-memorize-regurgitate-test format and instead practice inquiry-based learning facilitating knowledge acquisition for students through student-driven questioning, discovery, exploration and experimentation.


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